Protect your surface from harsh weather, discoloration, oil, grease, dirt and the unknown by investing in paving stone sealer. California Outdoor Living offers an assortment of sealers to choose from. You can choose anything from a subtle natural sealer to bolder sealers with a wet looking finish. Natural allows for invisible protection without altering the colors of your paving stones. The Clear look is a semi-gloss with a sparkly finish. Color Boost Matte finish enhances the colors or brings old colors back to life. Finally, the Wet Look provides a rich and glossy satin finish. California Outdoor Living has everything that you need to compliment your sealing project, including stain removers, cleaners, protectors and accessories. Whether you have an existing paving stone project that needs to be brought back to life or want to include it with your new paving stone project, California Outdoor Living is here to help. Call now for your initial design consultation.

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