Remodel or expand on the space that’s already there! All you need to do is look out the window and bring the indoors outdoors and save money:

• Remodeling your kitchen can cost upwards of $200-250 per square foot or more!
• Remodeling your bathroom can cost $80-100 or more!

Why do that when you can add 400–4,000 square feet of outdoor living space for much much less with all the premium features?

Like most indoor kitchen updates, you can expect your outdoor room to return 100% of its value from day one, and as much as 200% of its original cost at resale! California Outdoor Living can help you create the perfect plan for your specific budget and lifestyle. Give us a call for an initial consultation.

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We are already in your backyard. Yes, that’s right, since 1979 we have helped thousands of California homeowners improve their Outdoor Living Spaces. For over 35 years homeowners have been delighted with our exceptional quality and design ideas.

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