Convert your landscape into a perfectly green oasis with our variety of realistic artificial turf products. We have a number of options for your front yard, back yard, side yard, or even business.

Our products are made to last and require little-to-no maintenance at all. That means no more sprinklers, mowers, or leaf blowers. You'll also save plenty of water, greatly reducing your monthly bill. Not only does synthetic grass save you water, time, and money—it’s a great investment that can increase the value of your home!

Whether it’s a small patch of grass or a complete landscape overhaul, California outdoor living has a solution for you. All of our products can be installed around existing planters, gardens, patios, and walkways so that you can keep the elements you still love about your outdoor area.

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Our Monterey line of Turf features features ultra-realistic yarns and our CoolTurf technology that reduces heat absorption…


Laguna turf is best denoted for it’s field green and lime green colors coupled with a green thatch. Thinner blades offer a soft…

Red Wood Light Fescue

The Red Wood Light Fescue features our CoolTurf technology that reduces surface temperatures by up to 30%…

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